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AcureOmics AB granted millions by EU to investigate kidney transplant rejection

    Umeå-based company AcureOmics AB has received funding from the European Commission for the research project BIOMARGIN (BIOMArkers of Renal Graft INjuries in kidney allograft recipients). The major goal is to develop effective techniques to prevent kidney transplant rejection. BIOMARGIN aims to provide more individualized treatments to improve long-term survival of the transplant and quality of life for the patient. Chronic kidney disease has received increased attention as a global public health problem. Despite life-threatening risks, kidney transplantation has become the preferred method of treatment. However, transplant survival is currently limited to approximately 12 years on average. In order to detect signs of transplant rejection, a biopsy of the kidney must be taken. This is an invasive technique and rejection can often only be detected when successful treatment intervention is no longer possible. BIOMARGIN aims to develop non-invasive tests to detect early signs of kidney transplant rejection. The earlier the treatment ... … Read entire article »

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